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    MW IT SERVICES, LLC. is Suffolk County based and cover the five boroughs, Nassau, and Tri-State Areas. Our clients are small to medium sized businesses requiring any form of IT support. We specialized in online computer repair and support. We'll fix your computer problems over the Internet while you watch or we can expedite a technician to your home or office. We offer an initial consultation at no charge.

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    Respond quickly and efficiently to each problem. Propose cost effective solutions in line with your budget. Minimize downtime by resolving problems proactively before they happen. Provide a polite, professional friendly service with a smile..

    We have over 25 years experience and knowledge in providing on-site computer support, software/hardware repairs, maintenance & upgrades for the home and business. For businesses requiring IT support for Personal Computers and Macintosh, we offer a complete service from simple problem solving of computer hardware or software through to a full network configuration with installation of application software, security, email configuration, support, training, general computer repair, and workstation and server maintenance, repair and configuration. We arrange web site design, hosting, web site maintenance, web site 'makeovers', search engine web site promotion and a number of related services.

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    MAY 15th. 2017 - Paying the WannaCry ransom will probably get you nothing. Here's why.

    The WannaCry ransomware is built with a shoddy payment process that might result in no response, according to security researchers

    Last Friday’s massive WannaCry ransomware attack means victims around the world are facing a tough question: Should they pay the ransom? Those who do shouldn't expect a quick response -- or any response at all. Even after payment, the ransomware doesn’t automatically release your computer and decrypt your files, according to security researchers. Instead, victims have to wait and hope WannaCry’s developers will remotely free the hostage computer over the internet. It's a process that’s entirely manual and contains a serious flaw: The hackers have no way to prove who paid off the ransom. "The odds of getting back their files decrypted is very small," said Vikram Thakur, technical director at security firm Symantec. "It's better for [the victims] to save their money and rebuild the affected computers." The WannaCry ransomware, also known as WanaDecryptor, broke out last Friday, infecting vulnerable Windows systems like a computer worm. More than 300,000 machines in 150 countries have been hit so far, U.S. homeland security advisor Tom Bossert said in a press briefing on Monday. The infection strikes by encrypting all the files on the PC and then displaying a ransom note demanding US$300 or $600 in bitcoin. Victims who don’t pay will have their files erased after seven days. Owners of these machines may be tempted to pay the ransom, but don’t count on getting your files back, said Matthew Hickey, director of security provider Hacker House. The culprits can only restore users' systems by manually sending the decryption key to each affected computer, which will amount to a time-consuming process, he said. “You’re really at the mercy of the human operator. Someone at the other end of the connection," Hickey said. The other problem is that WannaCry has no mechanism to determine who paid what and which computer should be released. Victims are merely told to send payment to one of three bitcoin wallets and then wait for a decryption key, said Maya Horowitz, threat intelligence group manager at security firm Check Point. But unlike most ransomware, WannaCry has no process to uniquely identify which ransom payment is tied to which computer, Horowitz said. Instead, users are left with a button on the displayed ransom note that says “check payment.” “It’ll pop up an error message that says, 'We didn’t get your payment. The best time to try again is Monday to Friday 9 am to 11 am,'” Horowitz said. Both Hickey and Horowitz said they haven’t heard of any cases where victims successfully freed their computers by paying the ransom. However, Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at security vendor F-Secure, tweeted on Monday that some victims who paid did get their files back. So far, F-Secure hasn’t provided more details. The hackers behind WannaCry have already managed to rake in more than $56,000, according to records of the three bitcoin wallets provided for payment. But the inefficiency of the payment model makes Hickey wonder whether the hackers were really after money. “If it was done for money, it wasn’t the smartest way to get it,” he said. For example, the hackers could have lowered the ransom price to $10, making it cheap for anyone to pay. For a malicious program that's infected more than 300,000 machines, even a low ransom could have resulted a huge payoff. Instead, the hackers asked for large sum, then used a shoddy payment process that made victims wonder whether they would get what they paid for. “It removes the incentive to send any money to the attacker,” Hickey said. It's still unclear who created WannaCry, whether amateurs or skilled hackers. The fact that there was a "kill switch" in the ransomware, which a researcher was able to activate on Friday, stopping the attack at least temporarily, suggests the coders were sloppy. But WannaCry does at least one thing well: Flawlessly encrypts all the files on an affected machine. Security sleuths are still studying the ransomware for ways to salvage already infected computers. "The implementation of the encryption was pretty rock solid," said Symantec's Thakur. "There wasn't any gap to jump in and get the files decrypted." Security experts also warn WannaCry might strike again through new, updated variants. To prevent infection, users should install the latest patches to vulnerable Windows systems, such as Windows 8, and run antivirus products, like Windows Defender, which can detect and stop the ransomware.

    The Cloud and Its Pros & Cons

    Do you ever get a foggy feeling when you hear mention of “the cloud”? We often hear about cloud computing, cloud services, cloud this and that, but what is the cloud? The concept the cloud The Cloud and Its Pros & Consbehind this term and all other variations of it is not new. The cloud refers to services provided to you by computers (other than your personal computer) via an internet connection. These services could be something as simple as an email service account, a backup service account or an application service account. At the other end of the cloud, there is usually a high powered computer which provides a service or services to you via your personal computer. And that is all there is to the cloud.

    Cryptolocker Ransomware Virus

    Cryptolocker is a nasty computer virus classified as ransomware because it denies access to any data on the infected computer unless a ransomware Cryptolocker Ransomware Virus ransom is paid. Cryptolocker uses an advanced encryption standard to block access to any data files on the infected computer. This virus can replicate itself over a network with shared drives or to any drive that is attached to the infected computer. So, even your backup drives can be compromised if they are attached to the infected computer. The virus comes with a timer demanding that payment must be made within the allotted time frame. Failure to do so will lead to loss of data. Even though the virus can be removed, there is no way to decrypt data once the key is lost or deleted. This makes Cryptolocker a much worse ransomware than the money pack FBI virus.

    Fake Microsoft “Tech Support” Calls

    A few of our clients have reported that they’ve been called by someone claiming to be from “Microsoft.” According to the reports we got, the callers claim masked caller Fake Microsoft Tech Support Calls they are from the “Microsoft Windows tech support team.” They claim your computer might be at risk and they want to check in on your computer remotely. This is all in the hopes of duping unsuspecting victims into giving them remote access. Please DO NOT FALL for this scam! Microsoft never calls you “to check in your computer.” There is no reason for Microsoft to initiate a call to Windows users, unless if you contact Microsoft first. Educating yourself is a big part of winning the battle against these scams. One thing you must know is that most of Microsoft’s tech support is online. It helps to know what Microsoft’s Support Options there are so that you don’t get caught off guard.

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  • 24 hours a day 7 days per week helpdesk support

    Our secure remote access by certified technical experts resolves your computer issues instantly with their core expertise and resources. Our remote support services will assure your computer issues are fixed securely and real time and you can view the commands used by our technician for troubleshooting. Technicians will effectively resolve issues related to installation or uninstallation of programs, up gradations, PC optimization, Virus issues, computer performance and many more. We believe in delivering expert solutions to businesses and home PC users at an affordable cost.

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    Technology Assessments

    The quality, performance and security of your network and IT systems can be vastly improved with our technology audits. Working together with your staff, we analyze your IT infrastructure in order to identify process improvements, bottlenecks, and vulnerabilities. Then we set priorities that match your personnel and budget requirements.

    Strategies and Planning

    Getting reliable results from a IT system requires in-depth planning, installation and management. Our team of IT experts understands every aspect of IT — from planning to project management, installation, testing, training and implementation.

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    Our main focus is to get your computer working as it should. We are not there to pry into your personal files because that is not our work’s focus and we respect your privacy. We stay on task to get your computer working properly. The only time that we need to access personal files is when the nature of the repairs requires it, such as in data recovery. But even then, we only do so with your permission or if you ask us to check the data files for you. Sometimes we may need to make a backup of your hard drive in order to solve the problem; however, we will not keep this information once the problem is solved. Your personal information will be kept secure. Being aware that any business we may do with you in the future is built on us earning your trust, we take this privacy policy very seriously! We pride ourselves in doing honest work. With that being said, we do not entertain unlawful requests such as hacking into someone’s email or computer or do anything on the computer that is unlawful or disrespectful to the owner(s) of the computer. For example, if you suspect that your spouse is cheating and would like to install any software to track their activity, we consider that a violation of privacy. So we will not be able to help you in that regard. We collect personally identifiable information, like names, addresses, email addresses, etc., when voluntarily submitted. This information is only used to fulfill your specific request. We will not share this information with any third party that may use this information for spamming. Your email address will be added to our email newsletter list only to send you updates on useful computer tips and service announcements; but you will have an opportunity to remove your email from the list once you get one of our newsletters.

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    We are Experts in PC support/ Computer Support , Virus Removal, Installation, File Recovery, Data Recovery, Email Setup, Manage Files, Optimize Computer Performance, Convert file formats, or help you with any kind of online computer technical support on Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac operating system Our team of expert technicians, offers comprehensive technical computer support for a range of laptops, computers, Network, Printers, and operating systems. Our technicians can make your devices run at their best speed and give optimum performance. We extend our direct technical support services to all small businesses and consumers.

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